Letter of the Law

LMT: “Can I play that game on your phone?”

Me: “No, we’re at Grandma’s house to see Grandma, not play on phones.”

LMT: “I want to play that app.”

Me: “Let’s try the app called ‘Talk To Grandma’.”

LMT: (waves at Grandma) “Hi.”

Grandma: “Oh hello, Honey. What classes are you taking in…”

LMT: (looks at me) “Can I play on your phone now?”

Hack, her

We had to lock our phones because LMT was changing our phone settings for fun. Totally normal for a 21-month old. The truly scary part is how she’s systematically trying different numeric codes to try to break into our phones. #FutureCriminalMastermind #NotEntirelyFunny