(school office 9:00 am)

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “You have to fill out a tardy slip for me.”

Me: “OK, I seem to remember that from last time.”

LMT: “You should check ‘Overslept’ for the reason.”

Me: “Sure.”

LMT: (loudly) “He overslept, not me. I was ready and made my own breakfast.”

School Secretary: “Good for you, kiddo.”

LMT: “I had to wake him up. I think he’s sick.”

Me: “She doesn’t need all the ugly details.”

School Secretary: “I’ve heard a lot worse than that.”

Me: “I bet you have.”

Make good… time

I apparently have finally figured out how to get the 12 year old to not mess around when getting out of the car when being dropped off at school.

This morning, all I got out was “Make good…” before she slammed the door and fast-walked into the building.