Disney Delve 2014: Day 5

DISNEY DELVE 2014, Day 5:

Great success!

Due to a random fluke, I have stumbled upon the secret weakness of the Rat King. For fifteen minutes today, our company walked openly and unchallenged through the streets that had been perpetually clogged just moments before. Deserted and undefended, our five could have conquered the entirety of this place, on the spot.

What caused this miraculous boon, you ask? Was it magic, or a military tactic? No… It rained.

A simple cloudburst truly shut down the entire kingdom of the Rat.

Frightened like tiny children, hundreds of eyes stared at us from alleyways and crevices as if we were witches, simply because we did not scurry like cockroaches under awnings and umbrellas.

The cool rain also seemed to bring me back to my senses, dispelling his sorcerer’s charms. It is so obvious now. The Rat King must die.

Tomorrow, I will complete my mission. Probably should wait until after our dinner with the Princesses, though. Well, and we have 7:00 pm reservations for a dinosaur ride that I’ve really been looking forward to all week.

But definitely after that, I will kill that foulest of pretenders, and once and for all end the reign of the Rat King.


Disney Delve 2014: Day 4

DISNEY DELVE 2014, Day 4:

Our second foray was delightful… err… Dreadful. Despite my protestations, I was forced to join in the merriment to maintain my cover.

The Rat is powerful in his charms. So many rides and shows and food and fireworks and jovial minions. I see now how easily someone could fall prey to this wonderland of delights… err… den of despair and lies. Yes, lies.

Also, I forgot to scout today. I’ll just go earlier tomorrow and start the fun… I mean… to start the WORK that much earlier.