Split Pea Soup

Home today with sick kiddo, who spent hours last night re-enacting The Exorcist split pea soup scene.

But apparently some sleep and some TLC… and 2 hours of My Little Pony… seem to have her on the mend.

In fact, she’s currently trying on outfits to go out dancing with Mama tonight.

I’m staying home to makeup some of that sleep I lost last night.

Parenting. Sigh.


Parenting Tip #62:

If a four year old volunteers to go to bed at 6:30 pm… you let that child go to bed.

Also, check their temperature and might as well start making alternate child care plans for tomorrow.

And, word to the wise — don’t wear your good pajamas to bed because the likelihood that Patient Zero is going to crawl into your bed in the night to then puke on you is about 50/50.

I hate puking

Home today with a pukey little one. After every retch, she cries. “I hate puking.”

Poor little thing. All I can do is rub her back.

Here I am, this giant powerful man, with money and brains… and all I can do is pat her back and assure her that she’ll feel better later.

Big sigh.

#ParentingIsHard #ThisWasntInTheBrochure