Me: (tiny cough)

Little Miss Thing, age 8: “I think you’re sick.”

Me: “I’m not sick.”

LMT: “I think you have that one disease.”

Me: “I’m afraid to ask.”

LMT: “You have P-new-mommia.”

Me: “Do you mean pneumonia?”

LMT: “No, it’s P-new-mommia. You have to go pee… with a newspaper… and Mama!”

(so much giggling)

Me: …

New Monia… released!

MOG is being released! Yay! The bacteria in her blood is gone and it was a very benign strain that can be treated easily with antibiotics. There was no accumulation in her heart. So best case scenario all around. It’s been a long four days and a certain girl is pretty excited to get out of the hospital.