The kids are in the living room doing sit-ups. They’re holding each other’s feet and saying encouraging things like, “Super job” and “You can do this.”

Some kids play house.

My kids play Personal Trainer.

DEFINITELY got that from their Mom.

Lesson Learned

Wonderful Wife: “What’s wrong, Honey?”

Little Miss Thing, age 6: “Those girls won’t let me be the Mommy.”

WW: “Well, playing is all about compromise. Even when you have employees, yes they technically have to do what you say, but you still try to compromise to keep everyone happy. And you definitely have to compromise when you’re playing.”

LMT: “OK.”

WW: “So do you know what you need to do?”

LMT: “Yes – I need to pay them so they have to do what I say.” (runs off)

WW: (slow blink) “That was NOT the lesson I was going for.”