Parenting Tip #118

Parenting Tip #118: On a long road trip, if your six year old says she’s about to puke… take her seriously.

Bonus Tip: Keep those empty potato chip bags handy. They can come in VERY handy.

Time Out


When your kids are at their worst, I find timeouts are the best solution.

It’s important to firm, and define a consistent spot, like a corner or the bottom step of stairs. Also, a good rule of thumb is one minute per year of age.

Though, to be fair, I have no idea what my kids do while I’m in timeout.

That’s their problem, really.

Never Too Early

Parenting Tip:

It is never too early to tell your children it’s not OK to smear dog poop all over the minivan like finger paint. This message is not as obvious to children as you might think.

Other important conversations to have…

Do not go wading in a lake fully clothed in December.

Do not play with a rotting deer carcass.

P.S. Yesterday was an interesting day.