I Hate Pudding

Sometimes you’re a really giant scary looking Viking guy who can break things with his bare hands and lift really big heavy things and people tend to get out of your way.

But you’re not a jerk about it or anything and usually all you want from the world is to be left alone and for your family to be happy and safe.

But then sometimes your tiny little girl is in a giant cold hospital and they’re holding her down and poking her with needles and she’s really scared and upset and you have to keep reminding yourself it’s all for the best.

So, you go eat your pudding by yourself in the cafeteria so you don’t punch an orderly and run out of the hospital with your girl under your arm.

I hate pudding.

The Arrival

I have arrived!!!

Little Miss Thing is demanding back scratches and piggy back rides. So she’s mostly back to normal.

We’re mostly just waiting for some test results.The doctors are really happy with how she’s responded to the medicine, so no surgery. Probably released tomorrow. But someone is pretty grumpy about being in the hospital for 2 days of her Florida vacation.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and suggestions and whatnot.

Getting a grip

Little Miss Thing (2.5 years old) is climbing all the most difficult obstacles at the playground, as if mocking my over-protective nature. I’ve decided that this is a good exercise in not letting my fears and assumptions limit her potential.

So I’m not telling her to stick to the easy ones, despite the gripping fear in my stomach.

To her credit, she is proving to be significantly more adept than I would have imagined. In fact, she’s a really good climber. If we live through this, it will clearly be good for both of us.