Much Love

(at tuck-ins)

“I love you. You’re an amazing boy. You’re strong and fast and smart and funny and handsome and hard working. I couldn’t ask for a better son.”


“Now go to sleep immediately, or I will beat you with this Harry Potter book.”

“You’re weird.”

“Yes, thank you. Are you asleep yet?”


“You better not be faking. This book is really heavy.”

(much giggling)

“Good night, my boy.”

“Good night, Dad.”


(much tickling)

(much giggling)

(much love)

Very Moving

Me: “You have to clean up all those art supplies before you can do anything else.”

Little Miss Thing, age 5: “ANYTHING?”

Me: “Yes, anything.”

LMT: “Can we blink?”

Danger Monkey, age 8: “I hope we can breathe.”

Me: “Just clean it up.”

DM: “My cells are all moving around.”

LMT: “Can we poop?” (much giggling)