Hollow Teens

Teen Girl in Blazer: “Everyone thinks my costume is Hillary Clinton.”

Random Mom: “I thought you were from the movie Mean Girls.”

Blazer: “No, I’m from the movie Heathers.”

Rando: “What’s the difference between Heathers and Mean Girls?”

Me: “About 20 years.”


Playing The Part

Guy: “Enjoying the party?”

Me: “Yeah, this is really…”

Guy: “Have you ever been asked to play a Viking in a movie or on TV? You could totally play a viking.”

Me: “Actually, friends send me lots of links of casting calls for…”

Guy: “You really look like a Viking. No offense.”

Me: “None taken, I totally embrace it.”

Guy: “You should have a TV show or something.”

Me: “I have a blog, Very Vocal Viking.”

Guy: “What? Seriously? That’s great.”

Me: “It’s not about Vikings though. Just funny things my kids say and my thoughts on life.”

Guy: “I’d read that.”