Disney Delve 2014: Day 4

DISNEY DELVE 2014, Day 4:

Our second foray was delightful… err… Dreadful. Despite my protestations, I was forced to join in the merriment to maintain my cover.

The Rat is powerful in his charms. So many rides and shows and food and fireworks and jovial minions. I see now how easily someone could fall prey to this wonderland of delights… err… den of despair and lies. Yes, lies.

Also, I forgot to scout today. I’ll just go earlier tomorrow and start the fun… I mean… to start the WORK that much earlier.


Disney Delve 2014: Day Two

DISNEY DELVE 2014: Day Two.

We arrived late afternoon in the lands of the Rat King. We had no problem securing lodging from the Rat’s minions, who seem friendly but weak and enthralled.

We meet up later with others from our homeland to take repast and slumber. We must secure our strength for the morrow’s foray deeper into this den of humors.

Spirits among our band of pilgrims are high but they do not yet know we come not to entertain, but to destroy. I alone know I have come to kill the Rat King on his throne of lies.

And so it begins.