Quiet Skills

Danger Monkey, age 10: “Jump left, Dad!”

Me: “Son…”

DM: “Go over that rock!”

Me: “Son…”

DM: “Get the box!”

(pauses game)

Me: “OK, Son. Let’s talk about the correct amount of help to offer someone when they’re playing a video game.”

DM: “You don’t want help?”

Me: “How about you work on the skill of NOT shouting out every single thing you want to shout.”

DM: …

DM: “I don’t think I’ve spent many skill points in that area.”

Playing Dress Up

I got sorta dressed up a couple times lately. First for the adoption hearing:


And then the very next day to perform a wedding for friends:


It’s nice to get all cleaned up sometimes. It’s not my default setting, but it works. And it’s really strange to me how differently people treat you when you’re wearing a suit. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. A horrible person can buy fancy clothes and put them on. And I know a lot of amazing, powerful people who refuse to wear “fancy” clothes. Yet, we automatically trust people wearing the agreed uniform of our society.

How often do you get all dressed up? Why? And how do people treat you differently?

Wear it Proudly

My family joined me for lunch today on their way to Conner Prairie, dressed in 1894 attire. I really enjoyed walking through downtown Indy with my geeky little cos-playing tribe. It’s important to teach them young… there is nothing wrong with dressing up… any time… any where. We’re all just wearing costumes anyway, so don’t take yourself too seriously. #Geeky4Life