Late Snack

When your teenager asks for a late snack. Ham, fried eggs, toast and avocado. I might be a food pusher. For the record, she ate almost all of it.



Sippy Cider

Little Miss Thing, age 6: “Can I have apple cider?”

Me: “Wouldn’t you rather have something more substantial? This is the only snack you’ll get before dinner.”

LMT: “I really really really want apple cider!”

Me: “OK, if it’s that important to you, sure. Have cider.”

LMT: (tiny drink) “I can’t drink this.”

Me: “Hey, that’s expensive cider!”

LMT: “I tasted germs.”

Me: “No one can taste germs.”

LMT: “I can. It’s my superpower.”

Me: “You have many amazing powers, but I don’t think that’s one.”

LMT: “It is! It really is.”

Me: “OK, sure. Go play. I’ll drink your cider.”

LMT: (runs off)

Me: (looks sideways at glass of cider) “I’m not drinking that.”

Snack Attack

Best late night snack ever… Homemade pancakes (re-heated… I always make a triple batch and freeze the extras) with peanut butter (you don’t know what you’re missing, haters) and real maple syrup. Oh and three strips of local hardwood smoked bacon. It’s all so yummy and salty and sweet and gooey and wonderful.

As a side note, I may be PMS-ing.