Once Upon a Martinsville Kroger

Some observations from the Martinsville Kroger tonight:

1) I should never, ever, ever shop after skipping lunch.

2) February 18th seems a little early for Easter candy.

3) I’m going to try $4.99 wine. I’m betting I can’t tell the difference.

4) I always park farther out in the lot to save the closer spots for elderly folks, but apparently my love of humanity ends at about 5 degrees Fahrenheit. You’re on your own, Grammy.

UPDATE: Yes, I can tell the difference between $4.99 wine and the good stuff. Blecch.

Death Metal Grocery

Mid-Fifties grocery cashier lady: “What is Chaotic Neutral?”

Me: “Huh? Oh, my shirt. It’s just a gaming terminology joke.”

Her: “Sounds like a death metal band.”

Me: “Yes, it really does.”

Her: “I like death metal. Last night it was Goatwhore. And alcohol. It always starts with alcohol.”

Me: “Not the conversation I expected to have at Kroger.”

Her: “I get that a lot.”

Me: “I’m not complaining.”