No reason

Little Miss Thing, age 6: “He’s stealing it!”

Me: “Stop. Why are you taking her thing?”

Danger Monkey, age 9: “Uh… because I wanted to.”

Me: “Hey, just a thought… please go get your most prized possession and stand next to me. No reason. Completely unrelated.”

DM: “No thank you. I think I learned my lesson.”

Those eyes

Two days ago a certain girl asked for a very specific big-eyed cat stuffed animal. I’ve tried probably 10 different stores and gift shops, but settled for a parrot and a dolphin because no one has the cats in stock.

So, this morning I got a little lost while looking for a CVS to buy antacids (something about eating an entire pizza at 1:00 am.)

Suddenly I’m in a really rough neighborhood, all bail bonds and check cashing and gun stores. I spot a Walgreen’s and stop for antacids. Lo and behold… they have giant stacks of the big eyed cats.

Karma? Divine intervention? Dumb luck?

I don’t care.

It’s going to make a little girl very happy and she deserves a break.