Show Your Love

Father Son Viking PhotoshootI am very happy to announce that I now have a regular column in the Limestone Post Magazine, called ‘My Dad Voice’.

I am honored and so happy to be part of such a cool outfit. Be sure to check out my column and all the other cool and informational posts. Always something interesting to read and learn!

Also, this article allowed me to achieve a bucket-list item that I didn’t even know I had… a Father/Son Viking Photoshoot!

What Chews Toes?

Me: “How was your sleepover?”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “It was great. I painted dolphins.”

Me: “Cool. You get to choose where we eat dinner tonight.”

LMT: “Hmm… how about Buccetto’s?”

Me: “Sounds good. Why Bucetto’s?”

LMT: “Because it sounds like Butt-Chews-Toes.”

Me: …

Me: “Welcome home, kiddo. I missed you.”