Career Options

Me, at Radio Shack: “Do you have pre-made CAT5 cables in 100 foot length?”

Female Employee: “No. Someone bought our last one yesterday. Can I ask you a question?”

Me: “Ask me a question? Sure.”

FE: “Are you in a Metal band?”

Me: “Uh… No.”

FE: “You have perfect hair for a metal band. And you’re wearing a black t-shirt and you look kinda angry. You should think about fronting a metal band.”

Me: (slow blink)

Me: “OK, I will consider it.”

FE: “Cool.”


Picked up My Oldest, age 13, in front of her middle school with my car blaring Black Sabbath.

She leaped in and yelled, “Let’s do this!!!”

I may have squealed the tires a bit as we pulled away.

Down the road, she said, “That may have been the most badass exit from a middle school ever.”

Maybe, this makes up for yelling, “MAKE GOOD CHOICES!” when I drop her off in the mornings.

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