Worth It

You know, you have a kid and, sure, it’s cool and circle of life blah blah. But they’re so much work, you know, with the feeding — EVERY DAY — and diapers and the sleepless nights and the scraped knees and, oh, let’s say… surprise heart surgery. And, sure, they look like you and that’s flattering, I guess, with the propagating of your genes and all. And sometimes they smile at you or do well in school and get awards and it’s nice. Yay. But then one day when they’re almost fifteen they disappear for an hour and then show up with hand made and delicious Thin Mint ice cream that they made entirely by themselves with real Thin Mints and they give you some before you even ask and suddenly it’s all been worth it.


Merry Xmas to Me

Best Xmas present to myself EVER… Purging my clutter. What an amazing array of emotional baggage in the form of “important” papers. Today I let go of three speeding tickets, 2 heart surgeries, breast cancer bills, divorce paperwork, job offers and rejections, tax penalties, arguments and broken promises, bad credit scores, and god knows what else. I have never felt so free in my life. Highly recommended.

My Runner

My Oldest Girl told me that her friends used to just know to run ahead and tell the bus driver to wait for her. But this year, after her heart surgery, she can run right along with them all the way to the bus! She is amazed to realize what she thought was “normal” was actually pretty weak. She’s excited about getting even stronger and is loving her softball and volleyball teams. Yay for my brave, strong kiddo!