Long Long Ago

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “Who is that guy?”

Me: “What guy?”

LMT: “The guy in this picture with Grandma.”

Me: “That’s me, honey.”

LMT: “I don’t think so.”

Me: “It’s me, just a really long time ago.”

LMT: “Like, thirty five hundred years ago?”

Me: …

Me: “Pretty much.”


Letter of the Law

LMT: “Can I play that game on your phone?”

Me: “No, we’re at Grandma’s house to see Grandma, not play on phones.”

LMT: “I want to play that app.”

Me: “Let’s try the app called ‘Talk To Grandma’.”

LMT: (waves at Grandma) “Hi.”

Grandma: “Oh hello, Honey. What classes are you taking in…”

LMT: (looks at me) “Can I play on your phone now?”

Cracked Up

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “Grandma, look! I’m wearing heels!”

Grandma: “Oooh… Pretty. How is your balance?”

(LMT falls)

Grandma: “Oh no! Are you OK?”

LMT: “I fell on my butt.”

Grandma: “Did you hurt your bottom?”

LMT: “It’s OK. It already has a crack in it.”

Grandma: (stunned silence)