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I can barely stand the irony of sternly talking to the boy for reading past lights out.

His mother and I both were that kid, always reading past lights out. I honestly believe I needed glasses so early in life purely because of all the hours reading by flashlight.

Son, if you read this some day, we both love that you want to read for a couple extra hours every night, but your sister keeps telling on you.

Please get better at hiding it.

Reading Glasses

Me: “How do you like your new glasses?”

Danger Monkey, age 9: “I can see the leaves on trees now, and all the little stuff on the TV screen.”

Me: “That’s cool. I think they look really good on you.”

DM: “And now I can read Mom’s copy of the Hobbit cause the letters are so small.”

Me: (tears welling up)

DM: “Isn’t that good?”

Me: “Yeah, that’s good.”