Get Used to It

9 year old boy: “WHOA… your Dad is a GIANT.”

Danger Monkey, age 9: “Yeah. It’s not really a big deal.”

Boy: “Uhhh… it’s literally a big deal.”

DM: “You get used to it.”

Adventures at Dong’s

I love Dong’s Chinese buffet in Mooresville. I almost always encounter colorful folk.

Today, a tiny little old lady stopped at my table and leaned down into my face. She said, “You are a REALLY big guy.”

All I could say was, “Yes, ma’am. I am.”

She laughed, “I bet it’s great looking down at everybody.”

I replied, “Well, no one messes with me, which is nice.”

She started pantomiming punching people and making “Pow pow” noises. She was awesome.

One Ring

Due to a complete lack of planning on my part, I am just now buying a temporary ring for myself for the ceremony. If personalization is free, I’ll see if this can fit… “One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” Do you think they’ll have Old Elvish Script as a font?

RING UPDATE: Not only can I not find Old Elvish font… I cannot find a ring big enough for my giant fingers. As in, no where in this entire region sells a pre-sized ring in my size. Who knew? #GiantProblems