My Oldest, 15: “There should be memes just for millennials. Like, you have to prove you don’t know all six characters from the TV show Friends. And they’d be like, ‘Um, there was Rachel and some other people.’ And the page would be like, ‘Cool, bro… you’re in.'”



My Oldest, age 14: “Some of these snarky Internet videos are actually informational.”

Me: “Yeah, right. Ha. Ha. Very funny.”

Oldest: “No, really. Like ‘The History of Japan’. It’s hilarious and rude, but I learned about how the US forces invaded Japan under Matthew Perry, and…”

Me: “MATTHEW Perry? Hahahahaha! Chandler Bing invaded Japan? Hahahahaha”

Oldest: “What?”

Me: “I think you meant Commodore Perry.”

Oldest: “Yes, Commodore Matthew Perry.”

Me: “Wait… his name was Matthew?”

Oldest: “Maybe you should watch more Internet videos.”