Me: “No, I’m fine. We don’t need to do anything for Fathers Day.”

Wonderful Wife: “Well, I thought you’d like to at least hit a brunch. There’s got to be some all-you-can-eat bacon with your name on it somewhere.”

Me: (slow blink)

Me: “I have never loved you more than I do at this very moment.”

Right to the Heart

I received a beautiful, hand scripted, hand painted Father’s Day card from my beautiful 13 year old daughter.

As she handed it to me, she whispered, “If you read this out loud right now and embarrass me… I’ll stab you.”

Happy Father’s Day everyone!!!

Disco Dad

My youngest gave me my Fathers Day card… which was approximately six pounds of silver glitter glued to a sheet of paper. No writing or pictures. Just silver glitter. Basically a steamrolled disco ball.

She said, “Here’s your card. Now let’s go rough house.”

And we did.