Cite Your Sources

Me: “What? Why are you downstairs? I tucked you in 15 minutes ago.”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “You didn’t do it right.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

LMT: (produces book)

Me: “What’s this? The American Girls Babysitting Guide Book?”

LMT: “Page 61. It says when you tuck in children, you should sit and read to them.”

Me: “Well, that’s more of a suggest…”

LMT: (running up stairs) “I already have a book picked out for you.”

Me: …

Wonderful Wife: “She did provide documentation.”

Me: “I blame you.”


Bat’s Blood Soup

Reheating some black bean soup.The youngest walks in.

Little Miss Thing, age 4: “Is that Bat’s Blood soup?”

(no clue where this came from)

Me: “No. Why? Do you want me to make Bat’s Blood soup?”

Girl: “No! Gross! But if you make some, I need to know.”

Me: “I understand.”