Disney Delve 2014: Day 4

DISNEY DELVE 2014, Day 4:

Our second foray was delightful… err… Dreadful. Despite my protestations, I was forced to join in the merriment to maintain my cover.

The Rat is powerful in his charms. So many rides and shows and food and fireworks and jovial minions. I see now how easily someone could fall prey to this wonderland of delights… err… den of despair and lies. Yes, lies.

Also, I forgot to scout today. I’ll just go earlier tomorrow and start the fun… I mean… to start the WORK that much earlier.


Disney Delve 2014: Day 3

DISNEY DELVE 2014, Day 3:

Our preliminary foray into the lands of the Rat King was successful. As expected, my companions were easily enthralled by the delicious foodstuffs, colorful entertainments and false nobility.

I was able to scout locations and test his troops and found them to be surprisingly crafty.

This campaign is going to be more costly than ever imagined. Even I can feel the pull of his charm.

But I must keep my mission clear in my mind. I must end his reign of terror.