(SciFi convention, waiting for elevator along with two young women in corsets)

(elevator opens, very full of preteen boys and a lone soccer mom)

Preteen Boy: “You can fit!”

(soccer mom eye roll)

Me: “Thanks, I’m going to pass.”

Corset Lady 1, stepping into elevator: “It’s OK. We showered today.”

Corset Lady 2, squeezing into elevator: “Together.”

(soccer mom eyes get huge)

(elevator closes)

Me: …

Me: “I love SciFi conventions.”

Elevated Thought

Me: “Time for bed, princess.”

Little Miss Thing, age 6: “I can’t.”

Me: “It’s time.”

LMT: “I can sleep here. This couch is my bed now.”

Me: “Is that your big plan?”

LMT: “It’s not funny. I can’t go upstairs again until we get an elevator.”