Tonight’s installment in the oldest daughter’s musical education: Van Halen, Run DMC, Sly and Family Stone, and Prince. And I must be doing something right because she used her money to buy her own copy of Back in Black. Must be dusty in here.

For the Queen

Me, flipping through radio stations in the car.

My Oldest, age 13: “blah blah My Chemical Romance blah blah Fall Out Boy blah blah… Wait! What was THAT?”

Me, flipping back a station: “This? Oh, this is Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Oldest: “It’s… so… different.”

Me: “Yep. They mixed heavy metal and opera, back when everyone else was into Disco. Total visionaries. Totally rocked.”

Oldest: “That is so awesome. I need to tell my friends! I need this on my iPod.”

Me: (tears in eyes) “Yes. Yes, you do.”