I’d Read That

Last night I dreamed I was writing a book about myself writing a book about a transgender alien named Zaah who was a sheriff in a small Midwestern town who fought her own body image issues plus the townspeople’s sexism and transgender prejudices all while solving mysteries by using her alien powers to turn people into what they feared so they could see things from the other perspective.

In related news, that’s the last time I’ll eat really spicy food right before bed.

Just a chip

As kids age, you start to see more and more of their true personalities. It’s cool to watch them form and change, and to know you’re making a person.

At age 11, My Oldest Girl is incapable of hurrying. She has no “fast” setting. She’s always off in her own world inside her head, and it shows. She has little inherent respect for authority. She’s pleasant and funny and she loves deeply. But it’s clear she’s usually just somewhere else.

In other words, she’s just like me.