Booking It

Big News…

(drum roll)


I’ve compiled about 200 pages of my writings into a manuscript. Many of the pieces have appeared on this blog, but much of it is brand new and only available in the book.

It’s a lot of the same kind of stuff, plus a really silly story about that time in college when we made a giant fireball.

The title is How to Raise Viking Children and Other Tales of Woe. I’m thinking it will be $12.95 and should be available on Amazon by Thanksgiving. It will make a great stocking stuffer – just sayin’.

And for those of you who attend local gaming and sci-fi conventions, I plan to debut my book at my author table at Starbase Indy this Thanksgiving weekend. It’s going to be a great time and I’ll be signing books and I’m sure to have a show-only special low price. Plus, you know, hugs.

The process of self-publishing a book has been really eye-opening for me. It seemed so simple but it’s been a real obstacle course. I’ll be sharing more details on my blog of the whole adventure in the coming days and weeks.

My favorite part so far is my pop-up banner for my author booth that just arrived today, so I thought I’d show it off…


I’m so excited! This is one of my longest held dreams, a total bucket list check-off.

Thank you all for the amazing support and encouragement!


Size Matters

Me: “Good morning. Is this where you sell convention t-shirts, here at the registration desk?”

Nice Registration Lady: “Yes it is! Would you like one?”

Me: “Yes, please. I’d like to buy a 5XL, or as I like to call it — Viking Medium.”

NRL: “So then what’s 4XL called –Delicate Little Flower?”

Me: “I like that. I like that a lot. You’d make a Badass Lady Viking.”

NRL: “That’s the 3XL.”

Me: (long pause)

Me: “You just really get me.”


(SciFi convention, waiting for elevator along with two young women in corsets)

(elevator opens, very full of preteen boys and a lone soccer mom)

Preteen Boy: “You can fit!”

(soccer mom eye roll)

Me: “Thanks, I’m going to pass.”

Corset Lady 1, stepping into elevator: “It’s OK. We showered today.”

Corset Lady 2, squeezing into elevator: “Together.”

(soccer mom eyes get huge)

(elevator closes)

Me: …

Me: “I love SciFi conventions.”