Button It Up

Little Miss Thing, age 5: “My favorite word is button.”

Me: “Really? That seems like a strange choice.”

LMT: “When I say button, I can say BUTT and not get into trouble.”

Me: “My work here is done.”

Elephant Jokes

Jokes from my oldest daughter (read all the way to the end)

How do you fit four elephants in a Mini Cooper? Two in front, two in back.

How do you fit two giraffes in a Mini Cooper? You can’t – there are already four elephants in there.

How do you know when there is an elephant in your fridge? There are footprints in the butter.

How do you know when there are TWO elephants in your fridge? You can hear them giggle when the little light goes out.

How do you know when there are THREE elephants in your fridge? Because you can’t… Quite… Get… The… Door… Closed.

How do you know when there are FOUR elephants in your fridge? There’s a Mini Cooper parked out back.