Uneasy Reader

Me: “Time for lights out.”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: (keeps reading)

Me: “I can see you reading.”

LMT: (keeps reading)

Me: “Lights out. For real.”

LMT: (keeps reading)

Me: “Time for sleep. Book down now. Go to sleep.”

LMT: (keeps reading)

Me: “It would be nice to be acknowledged.”

LMT: “You know what would be nice? Reading uninterrupted.”

Me: …

Me: (turns off the light, heads downstairs)

Me: “Goodnight, kiddo.”

LMT: “You’re mean!”

Me: “I love you, too.”

Lesson in Lessons

If I had to sum up my youngest daughter, I think I’d point out that she fought viciously against practicing piano when she was in lessons, but now that she’s not in lessons she’s spending easily five times the amount of time and effort at the piano voluntarily teaching herself songs by ear (yes, really) and making up silly jingles about poop.

That’s my girl.

Like looking in a mirror.


Geek Viking is Proud:

My boy, Danger Monkey (age 7), is enjoying learning D&D so much, he has decided to start wearing a blue cape everywhere so he can look more like his character. Seriously, ask him about his wizard. He gets so excited talking about it. I’m practically in tears.