Quietly Humming

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “Mom told me to help you with dinner.”

Me: “Uh… I’m just heating up chili. Maybe you can make peanut butter sandwiches for everyone?”

LMT: “I’ve made a lot of them lately. I’m pretty good at it.”

Me: “I’m sure you are.”

LMT: (making sandwiches, quietly humming)

LMT: “Do I have to eat those carrots? We had them for lunch.”

Me: “You had carrots at lunch? Really?”

LMT: “Yes.”

Me: (glaring)

LMT: “We did!”

Me: (glaring intensifies)

LMT: “At lunch… about a month ago.”

Me: “That’s more like it. Tell you what, I sliced up a red bell pepper for Mom. You can eat that or carrots.”

LMT: “Ewwwww… I’ll take carrots. Definitely carrots.”

LMT: (quietly humming)

LMT: “Should I put butter on all of them?”

Me: “On the carrots?”

LMT: “No, the bread.”

Me: “Butter? Don’t you mean peanut butter?”

LMT: “I just call it butter now. I don’t know why.”

Me: “OK, sure. Whatever you call it, it goes on all the sandwiches. That’s why we call them peanut butter sandwiches.”

LMT: “Right, butter sandwiches.”

Me: …

Me: “Call it whatever you want. Just do it.”

LMT: (quietly humming)

LMT: “Do I have to eat chili?”

Me: “Yes.”

LMT: “Why? It’s a free country.”

Me: “Not when you’re a kid, it’s not.”

LMT: “That’s not fair.”

Me: “It really isn’t. Wait… Where’s the red pepper I just sliced?”

LMT: “I ate it.”

Me: “All of it?”

LMT: “Yeah. It’s my favorite.”

Me: …

LMT: (quietly humming)

Magical Fruit

Me: “What two servings of veggie or fruit are you having with dinner? I’ll let you choose.”

Little Miss Thing, age 7: “I’ll have carrots and ranch.”

Me: “And what else?”

LMT: “That’s two things.”

Me: “Ranch is not a veggie. Try again.”

LMT: “OK, then grape jelly. Grapes are fruit.”

Me: “Nope. Try again.”

LMT: “I want some… Coffee. It comes from beans.”

Me: “Absolutely not.”

LMT: “You never let me do what I want.”


Frugality Challenge: Dinner.

My Oldest Daughter, age 12, and I went to Kroger with the task of buying dinner for us with a $10 budget. We weighed fruit, compared nutrition and did tons of math. She surprised me and decided we didn’t need meat as it was the most expensive item and we already had plenty of protein.

Final order… Store brand tortilla chips ($1), small block of Colby Jack ($1.88), snack carrots ($1.29), two bananas ($0.50), a 32-ounce sports drink ($0.56) and a four pack of store brand pudding cups ($1).

Total bill with tax… $6.46.

We ate our fill, enjoyed the pudding and had about a third of the food left over for her lunch tomorrow.

But mainly we had a really fun hour of discovering and learning and laughing and building good habits.