I cannot even count all the win.

Dinner out with the two littlest kids while wife is at a thing.

First, they insist we go to a Chinese buffet (win).

Then they ask for Black Sabbath, by name, as driving music (win).

Then they both get seconds on veggies without prompting (win).

Then they quiz each other with math word problems for fun over dinner (winning!).

I may be the luckiest dad… Ever.


Picked up My Oldest, age 13, in front of her middle school with my car blaring Black Sabbath.

She leaped in and yelled, “Let’s do this!!!”

I may have squealed the tires a bit as we pulled away.

Down the road, she said, “That may have been the most badass exit from a middle school ever.”

Maybe, this makes up for yelling, “MAKE GOOD CHOICES!” when I drop her off in the mornings.

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