Watered Down

Parenting is the proud realization that your 10 year old son is old enough to feed and water the dogs in the morning without supervision.

Parenting is also walking through the house an hour after the kids got on the bus and hearing the water still running in the bathtub with the dog water dish under it.

Oh well. Progress is progress.


Grand Bunny

Little Miss Thing, age 7: (holding plush rabbit) “Mr. Flops loves you, Daddy.”

Me: “How is my Grand-Bunny today?”

LMT: “He’s not your grandchild. I got him from the shelter.”

Me: “If you adopted him and love him, then he’s most definitely my grandchild, and I love him all the same.”


LMT: “Hug attack!” (throws bunny in my face)

Me: “Oww!”

LMT: “Sorry. He’s just happy to have a family.”