If you’re happy and you know it…

Thank you, Facebook, for suggesting “Friends” from junior high, so I can see all the kids that called me a nerd and picked me last in gym. But thank you most of all for showing me that I look happier now than they do. I was probably happier then, too, but didn’t know it.

Viking sized meals

Felt like cooking today so we won’t have to cook this coming week. I baked two loaves of white bread, made a double batch of red beans and rice, 1 lb of homemade Mac and cheese (with extra cheese sauce to put away), dozen hard boiled eggs, double batch of kidney bean salad, double batch of Chana Masala, double batch of white rice, double batch of roasted Brussels sprouts, and 5 lbs of roasted potatoes. I feel good about my family eating well this week.