Big Bad Wolf

Me: “Go back to bed”

LMT, age 3: “The big bad wolf will get me.”

Me: “There is no such thing as the Big Bad Wolf. It’s just in stories. Go back to bed.”

LMT: “Yes there is.”

Me: “OK, look. Your daddy is bigger and badder than the big bad wolf, and I told him to stay away from our house.”

LMT: (long pause) “OK. I will throw sticks at him if I see him. Good night.” (pads off to bed)

Bad Dragons

The Wonderful Wife: “OK kids, now remember… as a rule, children should not correct adults. Unless it’s something very important.”

Danger Monkey: “Like if a dragon is behind you.”

Little Miss Thing: “Only if it’s a bad dragon. Good dragons don’t bite people.”


Our Treat

At Cracker Barrel with Danger Monkey for his birthday dinner (his choice).

On the drive over, he magnanimously announced he would be buying dinner for the entire family with his own money, after buying himself just one toy from the store.

He’s a gracious young man. He also only has $0.37 to his name, clutched in coins in his sweaty little fist.