Adventures at Dong’s

I love Dong’s Chinese buffet in Mooresville. I almost always encounter colorful folk.

Today, a tiny little old lady stopped at my table and leaned down into my face. She said, “You are a REALLY big guy.”

All I could say was, “Yes, ma’am. I am.”

She laughed, “I bet it’s great looking down at everybody.”

I replied, “Well, no one messes with me, which is nice.”

She started pantomiming punching people and making “Pow pow” noises. She was awesome.

Nerd Power

Overpriced tomato soup & grilled cheese at Noodles & Company: $6.00.

Half hour at the batting cage: $5.00.

Six laps in a go kart: $5.50.

Hearing My Oldest Girl complain that she would’ve preferred to have gone to the school’s book fair tonight: Priceless.

I love my little nerd.